W-2, women and weight.

Okay, let’s be honest, no woman likes to talk about her weight. It’s such a touchy topic, I know first hand. There are days when I feel absolutely great about myself (I’ve had a lot of those lately, Masha Allah) and other days I don’t like what I see in the mirror.  For a longtime I found myself not having control of what I was doing. I would overindulge in food because it made me feel good at that moment and I would always put off exercising until tomorrow (Quran 18:23). How can we not take care of something beautifully made by the Creator? It is the Sunnah to take care of one’s health. The Quran says: “And He enforced the balance. That you not exceed the bounds; but observe the bounds strictly; and fall not short thereof.” (Quran 55:7-9) Maintaining a healthy diet helps to maintain a balance that Allah has already established. So! The problem is always figuring out where to start. Start with setting goals, they don’t have to be extravagant, just obtainable. In this case, small is good. Start small and you will progress. In order to be healthy you must want it, Allah wants that for you because he knows what’s best for you. My first tip is WATER! The average adult body is made up of 65% water. This is an everyday essential. My goal is at least one gallon a day, In Sha Allah we can reach goal number 1!


As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be upon you)


Sisters and Friends,

This year I told myself I would seek happiness and make myself a better me. 13 days into a New Year and I am doing just that. With 353 days ahead of me, I plan to take on all that comes my way, In Sha Allah (If God wills). We must always remember that only Allah knows what’s best for us. Anything we do, we should remember to seek Him and aim to please Him, for only He is sufficient for us. Keep remembrance of him in all you do and the reward will be great. Alhamdulilah for this journey we are on…